1. No mention of Khloe carrying her red purse? You are slipping Fish.

  2. Cock Dr

    Really does not look like the same woman who was giving head in the lame sex tape. Plastic surgery has done such a number on her face.

  3. jenny

    How did someone become so famous by leaking their own anal sex tape where they suck their own shit-bits off a random’s dick before getting pee’d on?

  4. Excellent pic for when you’re having trouble purging.

  5. Seen her with her secret twin….

  6. JimBB

    Her confused clone is following behind her. “I know you don’t understand language yet, since you’re just out of the vat. But your job is to do the really shitty appearances that even I won’t stoop to. And also a bunch of sex tapes with lower-tier rappers.”

  7. Kinda makes Chelsea look good.

  8. Traveling around with her goodies hanging out of her top. Sheesh! Not only is she a cunt, but she’s a prick teaser, too.

  9. Davis

    She’s really, really, really pretty!!!

  10. “What am I forgetting? Did I turn off the coffee maker? The toaster oven?
    The baby!
    The baby can turn off the toaster oven.”

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