1. cajunhawk

    Listen…you’re a zombie right?

  2. cc

    So I said to Sly, ‘Kiss my fucking foot and I’ll be in your movie’ and he did.

  3. “You’re damned right that you can see right up my pant leg. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll just keep looking!”

  4. Now here is someone flexible worth seeing.

  5. “You know how big Stallone’s feet are right? Right? Fucking tiny! That guy is like a seven and a half – that’s like a European size zero for a guy.”
    “Now look at how big my feet are – look! – and tell me – what the fuck did Bridget ever see in him!?!”

  6. The ingenious “Lift to free a fart while also letting your date check out your junk” maneuver.

  7. What the hell is Joe Namath doing talking to Dolph Lundgren?

  8. JimBB

    Richard Lewis found himself mesmerized once again by the amazing stories that flowed forth from the simple question “Can you tell me about that movie you shot in Bulgaria?”

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    So I remember when you used to go down on Cousin Larry…

  10. “So Seal was leaning over the railing and I started cupping his balls like this…”

  11. Alfred E. Newman

    I must break wind

  12. “Ever since my childhood I have rested my legs in my cereal bowl so that I get the milky health benefits on my skin as well as in my stomach. Helps my bowels move better, too.”

  13. So I told him ‘I must squash you” and this was all that was left…………….

  14. Oz Matters

    If you didnt know, your would think the chemical engineer is the one on the left.

  15. Karbon

    So Balki is still alive, I take it?

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