1. j/k

    Great way to offset that reputation.

  2. Cock Dr

    There’s something annoying about a woman who always looks as though she’s on the set of the latest Macy’s fashion ad photo spread.
    I wanna see this princess all grungey & drunk in public.

    • i wanna she her with her asshole spread…

    • Dr Plaid

      I don’t think she tips off the paps because she knows they will be outside her home anyway, but she is definitely playing a photo op game and winning it every day. She looks too perfect to be just going to lunch or whatever in the middle of the day all by herself every other day. I would love to know if she has a stylist and makeup person on retainer for this. Whatever, I like it.

  3. She’s a mouth-breather which I suppose could be handy but not in her case.

  4. Something wrong here. Never has a bad hair day or a mismatched outfit day. A little *too* perfect if you know what I mean.

  5. cc

    Say what you will she manages to always look really out together.

  6. She’s firing on all cylinders these days. It’s too bad she’s batshit crazy or I might have just fallen for that trap.

    • Jack Hoff

      Let me get this straight; you’re okay with doing Lindsay™ and/or herpes Hilton, but not this nutter.

      Don, you really do need some help.

      • Taylor Swift crazy is a special kind of crazy. She’s the clingy, write an entire album about you, buy the house next to yours so she can stalk you up close kind of crazy.

        Paris and Lindsay would most likely give you some pussy and forget your name the next day because they’re so strung out., or they’re already fucking someone else. Which is great for me because I’m not looking for a relationship from them.

      • Nor are they from you.

      • I love the suggestion that you would have an icecube’s chance in a blast furnace of scoring with ANY of those women…

      • Let me have my delusions please. They’re all I’ve got.

  7. Polk

    Painkiller addiction coming up. She looks zoned out.

  8. She is fucking nails!

  9. I’m just waiting for stage 2 in the breast implant longterm subtle plan.

  10. Opie Cunningham

    The only video I want to see that bitch in is a Blacks and Blondes video with Lexington Steele.

  11. anonym

    those legs look tasty

  12. JimBB

    Horizontal lines really help slim your retard.

  13. freaknuts

    Wait… Why is the inside of her left knee all pointy? And the outside of her right thigh all jacked up? IS SHE FINALLY DISSOLVING??

  14. OK, I confess. I think she’s a total doll and I’d love explore some of our various erogenous zones with her. I bet her pussy tastes just like sarsaparilla.

  15. oops

    This is a rare photo for which a “sharp knees” comment might actually make sense. Egads.

  16. tlmck

    Barbie Pole.

  17. …another good, solid, well-placed 15 lbs., and i would have to seriously reassess my opinion of this chick.

  18. PassingTrue

    Nice quads. No complaints.

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