1. JC

    If he keeps any cameras jammed up there, somebody’s going to be in trouble.

  2. “I will break you…”

  3. Oh, Kilmerbieber…yeah….right there….

  4. schadenfreude

    “Wow – that really is one tight seal!”

  5. Man, Val Kilmer sure has lost a lot of weight.

  6. Blob

    “I’m trying Sweetie, but — tee hee — it really isn’t coming out.”

  7. JimBB

    Nice to see that Dolph Lundgren is doing well.

  8. “Baby, why do you call me Justin when we make love?”

  9. DDD

    My first thought was, is that Danni Daniels? :)

  10. I said get inside, unless you want a kiss from a rose upside your head.

  11. mark

    He’s dating Mother Russia? Hot. (not hot)

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