1. Mobile merchandising. Take the product out and show it off in public and see if you get any interest.

  2. Cock Dr

    His tits are so much perkier. She needs to find a fat chick friend fast.

  3. Wow, it really is just anybody

  4. he has slight hint of shame on his face…

  5. Eric

    A fool and his money are soon parted. But at least he got an STD as a parting gift.

  6. Somebody’s regretting their choice of bottom bitch.

  7. “Does you mind if we dance wif yo dates?”

  8. Still bloated … and braless.

  9. Too bad she didn’t run into Dexter Morgan.

  10. Also, why did they trade outfits? The CDC and DoC will not be amused.

  11. jenny

    He’s required to wear that shirt to be in compliance with Truth In Lableling laws.

  12. No way they’re an item. Have you seen her ass? She falls through toilet seats.

  13. He looks positively thrilled.

  14. Waitin' fer the thumbs down

    Poison meet Contagion…Contagion meet Poison.

  15. He clearly lost a bet.

  16. I genuinely thought Kim Cattrall had let herself go for a second.

    Not even being mean, I genuinely mistook her for a 57 year old woman having a *bad* day.

  17. Really...?

    I never thought there would come a time I was happier seeing his breasts than hers…

  18. JimBB

    Bitch BETTER have his money!

  19. Aww that’s cute, they wear each others clothes.

  20. So she employs him to exhibit her court-ordered warning label?

  21. When he asked for flapjacks to go, he should have been more specific.

  22. Were there any reports of Lindsay Lohan being found dead today? I figured the labelling on his shirt is a warning of what comes out of his dick.

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