1. Jackmac

    “No I don’t want to smell your finger!”

  2. Does his License Plate actually say GAY…

  3. Doctor_Joystick

    “No seriously, smell it. I had it in a dude but it smells like a chick.”

  4. Josephus

    “Just like that. Curl it a little bit, not too much! Yeah, just like that. I come instantly. She. She comes. What?”

  5. “Are the trannies over there?”

  6. cc

    Look I said take my car to the fuckin’ car wash, bitch!

  7. I have no idea who either of these people are. :/

    • JimBB

      I’m assuming that the one on the right is Vin Diesel’s stunt double and the one on the left is his comically mismatched gay lover.

  8. You go that way, I’ll go this way! There’s got to be a Tranny around here!

  9. “I told you to go that way.”
    “…but I want to come with you.”
    “that’s what the he/she said.”
    *mutual laughter*

  10. “I don’t fucking want it, dude. It came out of your nose.”

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