1. Her room is not structurally sound. It seems to be bowing in on itself. I recommend an immediate evacuation and cessation of bad Photoshopping.

  2. cc

    So he’s taking a photo selfie of a painted selfie? Whooa

  3. Nothing says sexy like being so fucking in love with yourself that you’re constantly taking selfies of your fake tits and tacky photoshopping. Yeah! Not.

    • Jimmy

      Nothing says sexy likely have sex with a sexy woman. If it bothers you that she’s in love with herself, maybe sex isn’t your thing.

  4. Marketing Mike

    We should be nice, she can’t help it that she has a 40″-46″ chest,
    and a 9″-11″ waist (depending on which shrink brush they use).
    It’s also a coincidence that the toilet bows in, near her waist.

  5. shitty drawing to hide photoshop toilet warp: check
    undiagnosed personality disorder: check
    daddy left when she was 12: check
    made it to the superficial: check.

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