1. Jamie

    Sorry, but this one’s just too easy.

  2. tmfvaughan

    I see those thighs and just think “Chub Rub.”

  3. Bubbagump

    That has got to be a Photoshop. No one, and I mean no normal person would ever walk around giving a pickle a $5 blowjob.

  4. arnieblackblack

    Chubby pickle sucker – I’d smash her back doors in, gladly

  5. spankee

    Its like her vadge cut some guys cock off and shes regurgitated it through her system and come out of her mouth at the wrong moment. She has a “possum in headlights” look. Snooki is so classy – she should get her own talk show based in appalachia.

  6. Curious Troll

    She seems to want “smush smush.”

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