1. chupacabra

    Someone is pulling a Prince William.

  2. It looks like Robert Pattinson has been hanging around with the Jackass crew.

  3. MrsWrong

    meh, he looks like my ex-husband

  4. meeegan

    hes taking this vampire walking dead thing too seriously.

  5. oh leave this poor man alone. can’t you see he saw Kristie Alley naked.

  6. tlmck

    After the pie in the face the other day, he discovered it wasn’t all pie.

  7. Johnny R


  8. Jovy

    “Can he get much higher”

  9. chainsawbuzzkill

    Waht? Oh. The docta finks it’s mange I caught from Kristen. We don’t bave, you see.

  10. Ramoan

    Lobotomy, lobotomy, lobotomy!

  11. Then, why do I see rough in your eyes?

    -Yes sir?
    •I want the latest hair cut trend call the rat’s nest, immediately.
    -but sir you’ll look like a retar_. Right you are, sir…

  12. lori

    He looks like someone just dug him up. All creepy and crawly. Ew.

  13. UnholyKrep

    Emus are so adorable just after they’ve hatched, aren’t they?

  14. john

    After walking into a running weedwhacker, he woke from his week long bender

  15. vitobonespur

    I didn’t know he suffers from Down’s Syndrome.

  16. Poison Ivy League

    English men are nasty. Look at this pile of inbred fuck.

  17. wildfungus

    “Falling down in the pile of cocaine was a happy accident. -But WHY DID I RUB MY EYES?”

  18. um ok

    and he’s the ‘sexiest man alive’? i’ve just sewn my vagina shut.


  20. Squishy

    It started off with a couple of drinks and escalated from there…wonder what the other guy looks like?!

  21. gigi

    from the first time I ever saw this f* er until this very moment, he still looks retarded — like one of those people they hire in government offices who work in the mail room… not drooling or completely f*ed but kinda functional… every pic! at first I’m like, “aww, poor thing…” at first, then I realize it’s that dude from the lame mormon vampire movies….

  22. Melissa

    Why do girls think he’s so attractive? I just don’t see it…

  23. gigitastic

    Fish why are you showing us a photo of a rabid opossum?

  24. ohyouknow

    ahaha his hair is like this for a movie where he gets half of his head shaved

  25. eh looks like a cock, as a the bird.

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