1. “No, I was in that movie with Eminem. Phifer, P-h-i-f-e-r. Damn.”

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Monkey stole my camera!

    I’ll leave now shall I?

  3. Dutch

    “Ugh! Smells like Snooki and pickles.”

  4. wow

    muthafucka – get me my grape drank. bitch.

  5. Doll's Eyes

    Ohhh man, I just sat through my movies and I can’t get the metaphorical stench out my head.

  6. “Got dayum… somebody dookie’d in they pants.”

  7. “Damn!. Those Kardashian sisters leave a God awful stench on your fingers!”

  8. MrsWrong

    Mekhi Phifer doing Tracy Morgan Doing DMX

  9. Fast Eddie

    Man, now who dun farted all up in here?

  10. monkeyboy

    jessica simpson just walked by wearing “I Fancy You”

  11. I never knew that Michelle Pfeiffer was such a method actress.

  12. UnholyKrep

    Loser, from “Smell my finger” Championships.

  13. Brennan Haley

    That song said there wouldn’t be any Mekhi Phifer.

  14. nooooooooooo

    Mekhi Phifer got a whiff of Jessica Simpson’s new perfume. “Goddamn is that chitlins?”

  15. wildfungus

    “What do you mean that was a dick? I ONLY smoke crack!”

  16. And then I was all like “how the fuck you only gone have one-ply up in this bitch, I was in 8mile.”

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