1. Deacon Jones

    Now that is an ass I’d realy, really enjoy.

  2. sparkymcgee

    Why the fuck can China genetically modify cows to make human breast milk and we can’t modify women to have that ass? All women should have that ass.

    I’m going to call my congressman.

  3. Cock Dr

    That concludes todaze Hunziker postings.
    Please clean up your workstation before logging out for the weekend. Do it now before it congeals on the keyboard…..you’ll be glad come Monday morning.

    • TomFrank

      And don’t forget to leave this picture on your screen…..you’ll be glad to come Monday morning.

  4. sparkymcgee

    Also, does she ever bend over with her back arched to pick up something?

  5. Doll's Eyes

    God, I’d try anal if this girl asked. Scratch that, I’d demand it even if she protested.

  6. Note to women: This is what your ass is supposed to look like. What are you doing wrong?

  7. OK

    So God is a woman after all…

  8. Knitpikr

    Smashed assholes for elbows – yuck!

  9. tlmck

    The woman needs to open a world-wide chain of bikini shops staffed by her clones. They will be required to model the “company products” of course, and be required to change in front of you.

  10. Senor Trout

    Paris Hilton just got done looking at this set of pics and is sobbing uncontrollably.

  11. If that is what Lucius Malfoy looks like under his robe, I really have to see the latest Harry Potter movie. But that doesn’t make me gay… right?

  12. Arzach

    I love the way this daily posts are ending recently

  13. UnholyKrep

    Suddenly have a craving for pear, have no idea why…..

  14. Turd Ferguson

    Sad she tainted it with a cliche barbed wire bicep tat. I thought only NFL offensive linemen got those these days?

  15. Aaaaand The Crap We Missed finishes strong with the last five pics. Now I reget climaxing at pic 27.

  16. Mememe

    its cute how men that visit celebrity gossip sites are “straight”.

  17. Maximus

    These pics of Michelle Hunziker deserved their own post.

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