1. sparkymcgee

    Douche hat is douchey.

  2. chupacabra

    Half n half for $20 if you must know.

  3. Ksurfiws


  4. he needs to turn around if he wants to see jaywalking bitch get hit by a Mini.

  5. Squeege guys take credit cards now? Only in LA…

  6. MrsWrong

    18…..19….20. Move it along, son

  7. col. putz

    That douchetopper is going to look crazy awesome when the mud he smears on his head finally sprouts and pokes out the holes like a Chia pet.

  8. tlmck

    I see he has his bus pass ready.

  9. Senor Trout

    ‘So you’re saying I just need to start wearing dark colors, then people will think I’m an old Jonas brother? Ok, I’ll see you at this corner next week.’

  10. Liz

    Somewhere, Peter Wentz sits crying, pants-less and hat-less. Somewhere else, Britney Spears sits confused, wondering who stole her facial expression.

  11. I always feel bad for pets that are left tied up while their masters go shopping, or in this case, go running off like a thief in the night.

  12. sweetlips

    I used to roll the bottom of my pant legs up like that 20 years ago. xD His wrist beads and hat need to go….he looks like a douch nozzle.

  13. CharmlessMan

    “Woah! Paparazzi want a picture of ME? Better flash them my best smile!”

  14. Turd Ferguson

    Is he selling cigars?

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Who knew they had a parking valet at the Encino Dry Cleaners?

  16. wildfungus

    . o O (Oh Man, there’s totally 35 cents worth of cans sticking out of that garbage can. And THAT’S just what I can SEE from HERE!)

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