1. Cock Dr

    Always wear a helmet. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!

  2. chupacabra

    mansion of teeth is more like it.

  3. Wait, that’s not Jerry Springer at all!

  4. Fish, you should have put this one at the very end, so when people are rubbing one out during the “hot chick finale” they’d get a nice surprise.

  5. Abby Normal

    “Fuck! That black-market tetanus shot must have been fake!”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    On his own personal roller coaster.

  7. so that’s what you r face looks like when you have a broom shoved up your ass.

  8. RHawk

    “Mr. Busey, do you know what meth is?” Gary locks jaw and looks down hoping to evade the question.

  9. stevedallas

    Go back and bring it to me with urine in it like I asked!

  10. Camila

    “All of me is yellow.”

  11. Nik

    “shit what am I promoting again”

  12. MrsWrong

    *rubs teeth together* and thinks “where’smydrink.Iorderedmydrink5minutesago.Ican’ttalktothesepeoplewithoutmydrink.Mydrinkhelpsmethinkgood.WhenI’mthirsty,IdrinkmyDRINK.FORchristSAKESSOMEONEGETGARYHISDRINK”

  13. Spoogebob Nopants

    Fire Marshall Bill is stumped by the latest series of arson attacks.

  14. Michael

    be afraid

  15. It’s like a Picasso painting come to life.

  16. CharmlessMan

    After 25 years, lucidity comes whipping back.

  17. Not even Jim Carrey can do that with his face. Every one of his features is battling the others to death.

  18. UnholyKrep

    Holy hell- whose idea was it to build a Cabbage patch Josef Mengele doll?

  19. Brennan Haley

    She blinded ME with science!

  20. Turd Ferguson

    Shit – Nick Nolte lost a ton of weight!

  21. The Critical Crassness

    Why is there a picture of Sarah Palin without her makeup posted under a caption about Gary Busey?

  22. wildfungus

    “”Cocaaaine is a helluvaaa…. dmfhdsmccfdd. oh shi- microphone….”

  23. lemon

    I’m going to hell but… Stephen Hawking with a wig?

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