1. Seriously?? I guess Eva Longoria didn’t have as much of a bulge as he prefers…

  2. He’s not gay, he’s French. No wait. Maybe he’s both.

  3. Abby Normal

    “Here comes the oil… Whoopsie, too much! S’okay, I’ll rub it in. Mmmmm, doesn’t that feel nice?”

  4. Somehow this is even gayer than if they were having sex.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Now that the Fourth of July is over hot dogs can relax.

  6. ad nasuem

    Two men sunbathing together on a beach or something like that is sort of like a woman playing softball. The main implication is that they are gay. As soon as I saw this picture I knew the implication, Hes Gay, Hes Gay. I saw the allegation, Hes Gay, Hes Gay.

    • uh, ya think?

      You should change your screen name to “Jim Naseum,” then at least something about your comment would be amusing.

      • Just saying...

        Or just spell ‘nauseum’ correctly, illiterates.

      • uh, ya think?

        By emphasizing that he had rhymed it with gymnasium I was pointing out that he had misspelled ad nauseum. Sorry, I realize it was too subtle for you to grasp, fuckwad.

      • MrsWrong

        Guys, GUYS! guys shhhhh shhh shhshh ….. Now kiss and make up. BahbahBAH!….That’s what TONY would want.

  7. dontlooknow

    Now a promotional shot for “Bald Gay Bears” meet at the beach.

  8. On the set of Brokeback Mountain II

  9. Colin

    I mean, let’s look at the facts. They look like they’re sunbathing in the shade (although that might just be bad shirt angles), they’re a little too close together, and they’re both in what Iike to call “erection hiding poses”.

  10. ChickenHawk

    “I’m too sexy for my shirt…”

  11. Hmmm, it looks like Tony Parker would be more interested in EvaN Longoria.

  12. Cam

    “Who invited Andy Dick?”

  13. Elle

    He cheated on Eva with a dude?! I didn’t see that one coming.

  14. MrsWrong

    Saint Tropez is a weird name for a dude.

  15. Frunken

    These guys shower together nearly every night during seasons and this is what you’re calling them gay for?

    • MrsWrong

      Well, it IS a one person stall. And no one MAKES them lather each other up and then share a towel at the end.

  16. UnholyKrep

    Instant orgy- just add… more dudes? What the……?

  17. john

    “There goes my ex wife-hmmm, your skin is much softer.”

  18. wildfungus


    (They must have forgotten the sleeping bag at home.)

  19. um ok

    my anus just got scared and ran away.

  20. CanuckCutie

    He spends a lot of time half naked on boats with other men…

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