1. neo

    id hit it

  2. Her band would be better named if they called themselves the Freshman 15.

  3. This is what “trying too hard” looks like.

  4. Having sex with her is like going through a good haunted house.
    You walk away screaming, crying and laughing wondering if you should brave a second time.

  5. CharmlessMan

    Is it safe to call her a whore yet?

  6. Shorty80

    Is the band actually good, or does her slutty D-list status get the gigs?

  7. Most clothes she’s ever worn during a performance.

  8. Nik

    she’s got a little beer pooch going on


    Quick, someone revoke her US citizenship before she leaves Spain.

  10. failure to communicate

    Bottle blond with extensions, ooooooh, so edgy.

  11. fartbucket

    She does pull off that particular bikini style far better than Aubrey O’day did.

  12. Brennan Haley

    Fester is going to bust a load over that one.

  13. SIN.

    One more year until we get the full nudity from her. 17-18.

  14. nooooooooooo

    Generally when an actor or actress hits this point they’re coming off music stardom by now. She’s still paying and blowing people for venues though.

  15. Nobody

    Tattoo Sleeves: Now in a body stocking!

  16. wildfungus

    She should see a doctor. I’m not sure wearing saran wrap is good for those black spidery veins.

  17. mike

    She seems nice.

  18. sasha

    The less talent you have the more skin you have to expose

  19. KAY

    Her mom must be so proud. Too bad she wasn’t Casey Anthony.

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