1. When she told the doctor she wanted people to see her new tits from a mile away, do you think she meant the stretch marks?

  2. I likes her Pizzas!

  3. JuggNuttz

    I’m kinda over her…. i havent missed a UFC Event since like UFC 39, and i liked her better before she got the bolt on’s. that said id still lick her butt if she asked.

  4. JC

    So this chick is a fighter, right? It’s the only explanation I can think of for why all the bones in her face don’t match up.

  5. Sheppy

    Don’t care what you think.

  6. lily

    shes hott

  7. kobol

    So Grace Park finally got the implants.

  8. Are her boobs going Borg?
    “Moisturance is futile.”

  9. hm..

    are guys into bolt ons like that?

    I’m really just curious why women get boob jobs that are so fake looking–why? :-/

  10. Holy stretchmarks, Batman! How many kids does this broad have?!

  11. Kinky Minx

    The next Olivia Munn?

  12. latetotheparty

    We just take a grapefruit, slice it in half, and sew it in there. It’s safer than silicone and firmer than saline.

  13. journalschism

    First member of Michelle Malkin Menudo.

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