1. mrsmass

    this chick has millions of dollars. no excuse for that hair(line).

  2. Colin

    “Alright you guys, enough of the horseplay. Where are my eyebrows?”

  3. From a distance, in a blurry picture…wait, I’ve used that before. NVM, carry on.

  4. juss

    Her body looks great when it mostly hidden by well placed shadows.

  5. The Brown Streak

    Wait…I thought this was an episode of COPS.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You youngsters have it so easy. When I was your age you needed a ladder and an awful lot of patience to see people like this.

  7. your mom

    It’s nice they made the room at her nut house look like a cheap hotel…

  8. I won’t lie – with a low res Twitter pic in a dark room, she looks good.

  9. “Mommy, can I get an erection set for my birthday?”

  10. “These two fellas came OUT my vergina!”

  11. “Now when I say three, smile really big for the camera and push mommy’s stomach in so she’ll look perty! One…two…”

  12. Biff

    She hot. You guys are fucked up.

  13. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I have looked at this pic like three times….it doesnt look like Britney Spears to me,

    and where the hell are her eyebrowss???

  14. El Jefe

    Damn, in this blurry ass photo, she looks damn fine and bangable.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    Why could’t my child care providers look like that when I was a child?

  16. EricLr

    Mommy smells like cigarettes and grease!

  17. dontkillthemessenger

    Chelsea Handler’s body is bananas.

  18. red

    i didn’t even recognize. her body looks sick…

  19. CanadianHouseguest

    She looks great. Her body looks way better than it has in pics from any of her live shows (post kids). The lack of defined eyebrows is odd, but if you fellas are noticing the decor and her eyebrows when her body looks that damn fine, maybe you should be critiquing the upcoming fall line-up for JC Penny.

  20. Oswald Vaan Bberk

    Here in Outer Europe she would have been traded between men and produced half dozen children by now.

    She definitely could stroke my sword

  21. Racer X

    I thought this was one of those Teen Moms, lol.

    • Carla

      Me too, what with the Motel 6 decor and sucked-in belly missing eye-brows blonde surrounded by nervous-looking children of the corn and all.

  22. bef98

    That face and body looks nothing like Britney.

  23. Joe

    Insane, hillbilly, idiot, whatever, I don’t care.

    She’s still unbelievably hot.

  24. neo_v

    that’s not her

  25. Urvag

    Nothing says redneck like getting half necked and posting a picture of it with your kids all over the freaking Internet….way to stay classy Brit!

  26. blahblahg

    aww her kids are so cute

  27. Go ahead and exhale, Britney.

  28. Stewie Griffen

    This dumb bitches face has aged badly!

  29. FattyMcGee

    Why do I feel like it’s going to be revealed at some point that it was Brit-Brit TAKING the picture. Seriously, that don’t look like our regular Trailer Park Princess.

  30. mandas

    Wow really? Totally thought this was an outdated photo of Pamela Anderson

  31. James

    for those stuck on the decor, she’s actually in a Hawaii hotel room…

  32. Nik

    I thought this was one of those teen moms

  33. I’d be surprised if that is Britney — it looks nothing like her. The boobs are too big, the face and body are too defined. It just doesn’t resemble her in the least.

  34. rockthrowinghipster

    I’m all about coming up with witty captions for pap pics, but cant a mom take her kids to the beach? Damn. She’s rich, she’s beautiful, had 2 kids with an asshole. Sounds like a typical woman to me.

  35. Mama Pinkus

    That is not Ms. Spears – it’s not her body type.

  36. Truth Serum

    I honestly thought this was one of those Teen Mom nightmares. It’s worse than I thought.

  37. Stewie Griffen

    Timberlake you dodged a bullet and a half!

  38. vgrly

    I thought this was a Teen mom at first glance until I read the title.

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