1. Zoya

    Blurred out picture doesn’t help, still nasty.

  2. MILF

    Filming The Blair Witch Project II: Return to Endor?

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Just PRAYING for some dude in a bloody hockey mask to appear.

  4. Looks like someone was filming their kids 8th grade play with a cell phone from 2001.

    WTF…why does 2001 not sound old enough for that joke to be funny? that was 10 years ago dammit!

  5. Why are these Bigfoot pictures always so blurry?

  6. bassackwards

    JASON!! get your ass out here now!! Your country needs you!

  7. The world is in mourning as international superstar Deena Cortese plunged to her death when an earthquake struck Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Luckily, a double tragedy was avoided as fellow castmate Snooki survived the disaster and is being examined and treated for shock.

  8. Squishy

    Been her would yah!

  9. taboo or terrible

    Somehow I love this photo. It seems at once antique and a watercolor. It perfectly expresses this moment in time. I need to lay off the beer.

  10. ugasean

    2 fat girls 1 cup

  11. The Brown Streak

    Wait…these two are not the same person?

  12. DeucePickle

    Didn’t realize Playskool made digital cameras

  13. GuyLeDouche

    The Hellmouth opened, and this is what climbed out?

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