1. She may have joker face, but I’ve been waiting 35 years to see those titties. Come on Over 50 magazine, get on this!

    • DeucePickle

      Yeah, same here, even though I might regret seeing her totally nude, I’ve still always wanted to

  2. Honkey

    Her face looks like one of the puppets from Crank Yankers.

  3. TomFrank


  4. Funny McFunnyGuy

    LOL @ “Dolly Pardon”

  5. Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  6. Dolly Pardon must be the tranny over-the-top caricature Dally Parton impersonator. Either that or Dolly has turned into a cartoon version of herself, and PhotoBoy has no idea who she is.

  7. BB

    I don’t know why, but she reminds me of my grandma…

  8. That’s the best Pamela Anderson has looked in a long time.

  9. In her defense, she looks great for 104.

  10. Satan's bitch

    Whoa.. That ain’t right.

  11. DogBoy

    I think I saw this on American Sportsman years ago. Rainbow trout?

  12. Cock Dr

    Are those real?
    If they’re aren’t she must be on her 3rd or 4th set.

  13. IbePiglet

    She stores the collagen for her lips in her jugs. They need to be that big.

  14. Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That

  15. Eddie

    This wax figure actually came out well. Good stuff!

  16. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Leaning 9 point 5 degrees to the right ain’t no way to make a living.

  17. I always was wondering what Lady Gaga would look like with large breasts and a Dolly Parton wig.

  18. The Brown Streak

    Most girls stuff their bra with tissue…Dolly Parton stuffs hers with Depends.

  19. Black Hole Sun, Won’t You Come….

  20. vitobonespur

    How sad. She looks fucking awful. She used to be so cute.

  21. Raaaaaaaa

    Oh wow, I didn’t know she was Jocelyn Wildenstein’s older sister…

  22. I’ve had rotting pumpkins on my front porch look more lifelike.

  23. Zombie Kitty


  24. irishboyo

    “But I am standing up straight”

  25. surgerylass

    All the Hollywood celeb’s who are under going plastic surgery are all looking like the same species

  26. anonym

    holy shit. too much plastic.

    all the old ladies turn into felines

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