1. Zoya

    Double Mint Skank Twins.

  2. Listen Shannons. I don’t want to tell you how to run your careers, but a friendly word of advice. Get some fucking tits.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Nothing special at all about these bimbos.
    In fact, you know its bad and there is no career when they have to swallow their, umm, pride and move back in with the crypt keeper just for an allowance.

    • Nothing special? You think Hollywood is just overflowing with spray orange bimbos with bleach blond hair and small tits? See, the small tits is their angle…makes them stand out.

    • PoorMaryKelly

      I think it’s the fact that they’ll do anything with anybody is why they have any sort of appeal.

  4. Mr. Poop

    “We love cock!”

  5. If you get real close to your screen and kind of cross your eyes, you can see one 3D slut.

  6. bassackwards

    I’d still be the cream in their cookie!

    you see what I did there, right… alittle double meaning….

  7. Whichever one the one on the right is apparently had so much lifted and tucked that she now has a “sternum button”.

  8. Noe

    are these girls porn stars? seriously, i have no idea who they are. are they famous for something? cause they totally look like porn stars.

  9. Just Fucking Say It

    I had been wondering what had happened to Prussian Blue.

  10. UnholyKrep

    This is what happens when they close the roller rink early.

    Nobody wins here, nobody.

  11. Squishy


  12. ugasean

    I can never keep them straight, which one is Syphilis and which one is Gonorrhea?

  13. Chet

    Love the dark natural eyebrows girls.
    Shows how hard you’re trying?

  14. GuyLeDouche

    “Trollop” is a word that needs to be used a lot more, because for instance it describes these two so eloquently.

  15. Kady

    Who are these people?!

  16. Knee Grow

    “I’m the smart one!” “No, I am!” “Okay, you are.” “Wait, which one am I?”

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