1. Johnny P!

    What a fucked up baby that’s gonna be….

  2. They look like the reflection in a funhouse mirror

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Boss Hog wants his hand back.

  4. tlmck

    Sly Stallone, the early years…

  5. jeffiner

    nice tits, boyfriend.

  6. Why is she always smiling? Doesn’t she realize she’s Amy Winehouse without the musical talent?

  7. Anyone else notice she dropped one of her false eyelashes on her chest?

  8. Notice their respective reflexes when a camera shows up. She: Stops and poses. He: Looks down and walks away in shame.

  9. Contusion

    He’ll make a great Maitre D’

  10. baked

    You know, when Mario and Luigi came out of the closet, this is NOT what I had in mind..

  11. SeymourButz

    So she’s like 2 feet tall, so that makes him, what, 2.5?

  12. Humpinfrog

    And he carries her purse? We know who wears the diapers in that family.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    In every picture she smiles, he looks away. Does he think by ignoring the problem it will go away

  14. cc

    Nothing went right this week. The hitman I hired to save America was 5 steps away from saving America and the paps show up.

  15. Dr.J.Fever

    Is this the Ewok daddy?

  16. That’s very supportive of him, to wear her maternity shirts.

  17. mac

    On their way back from getting their eyebrows did.

  18. neen

    She looks the same as she did before she got knocked up.

  19. squishy

    Face of pride VS Face of shame

  20. For a moment I was wondering what Snooki i’s smiling at, then I realized it’s not a smile. It’s gas.

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