1. Fails below the waist

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m in the mood for mashed potatoes.

  3. Johnny P!

    Versace… Gaultier… Valentino… Dolce e Gabbana…
    now Play-Doh is in the designer game?

  4. Matt Lauer

    like two pigs wrestling under a blanket… very arousing

  5. anonymous

    put some syrup on that pancake ass.

  6. She needs to check them tires. Looks a little low to me.

  7. TooCoo

    I love to see you leave, but I hate to watch you go!

  8. lily

    incredibly unflattering dress…and those cankles…unfortunate!

  9. KellyC

    Going above and beyond to make the potato sack look work; she even got the gluteus maximus spudicus consistency.

  10. Humpinfrog

    Dat sag!

  11. Henry

    She seems sad.

  12. Sable

    Somebody has poopy pants

  13. Mike701

    Tonight on Nat Geo “When butt implants fail!”

  14. cc

    You too will end up in Depends.

  15. CranAppleSnapple

    I fail to comprehend.

  16. CranAppleSnapple

    But I have to look away.

  17. EW

    I find your lack of buns disturbing….

  18. uink

    cankle heaven

  19. Captain Obvious

    Her hair being pulled tight juxtaposes… everything.

  20. I heard she’s half Kardashian.

  21. little turtle head

    looks like someone left home without ironing they’re ass……..

  22. That ass needs some muscle tone.

  23. What an unusual place to store your take-out flapjacks.

  24. SimplyJack

    Spanx are your friend, embrace them

  25. A perfect set-up with piss-poor execution.

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