1. WHORE!

    No really, she was a whore.

  2. So apparently France has to imitate us even down to the most despicable aspects like Shauna Sand…

  3. Oh, come on. From the back, that could be any whore in Saint Tropez. Okay, any whore except Tara Reid.

  4. lily

    cute perky bum

  5. Bigalkie

    She has a nice shape but a BRUTAL face

  6. Mike Hunt

    I would fuck her with great enthusiam. I would literally , after I was through with Christina- wear her out . She would literally need her brake pads re- lined

  7. Humpinfrog

    Mind the gap. Wait, it just winked at me.

  8. Straight Guy

    I’m diggin’ the brunette with the great legs in front of her!!!

  9. So this is the chick that was paid to handle French soccer player’s balls off the field?

  10. klb


  11. So that’s the underage prostitute that caused trouble for the French soccer team a few years back? I can see the appeal.

  12. Bri Owens

    Cheeky girl…

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