1. Johnny P!

    “Hey, who wants to dance?”
    *** crickets chirping ***

  2. Lies. This is Glenne Headley in an outtake from Dick Tracy. I blame Warren Beatty for the shoes.

  3. Frank Burns

    Tennis Club proms are the worst proms of all.

  4. Bionic_Crouton

    Nicola Roberts was relieved when the Valet offered to get her car. After standing in an empty parking lot for 30 minutes, she realized the restaurant did not have a Valet service.

  5. cc

    When you need your clothes to speak for you. These are saying ‘I’m an idiot’.

  6. klb

    She looks sick, like she’s been barfing all night. Thank god she had her hair up.

  7. goodlord

    When are these chicks gonna learn that porcelain doesn’t spray tan well. It’s fading horribly. Either re-spray or scrub that orange crap off. One or the other, it bothers me.

  8. If you’re wondering why your prom date stood you up, the shoes had something to do with it.

  9. The shoes killed it.

  10. squishy

    I think the hairstylist and the shoe stylist had some one completely different in mind when they arrived at her hotel room…

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