1. Showers expected after a sunny start to the day.

  2. An one-track mind, this site has.

  3. So that’s what’s taking down all the planes, a sky cock.

  4. Or Jon Hamm is on his back in a field somewhere.

  5. One wonders what our primitive ancestors thought of sky phalluses.

  6. Cock Dr

    That’s a really big cloud.
    I know it’s all gonna be downhill from here to the end of todaze CWM.

  7. dbag

    Looks like it’s sprung a leak.

  8. Keno

    “…6 to 8 inches expected overnight.”

  9. That cloud must be able to see Kelly Brooke sunbathing topless

  10. Hank E. Ring

    Mother Nature is a dick!

  11. buzz

    Salty rain in the forecast.

  12. Looks like a pannus, but with one heck of a thunderhead! Get ready for a Cumulus, cause sombody has been taking his Virga.
    OK, I get it, enough already…

  13. BTW, what’s with the tether lines holding it up? Some deity’s E.D. aid or a modified Prince Albert?

  14. Looks like Mother Nature is into some scrotal BDSM.

  15. Oh shit. We’re fucked.

  16. Dick Thunder

    John Travolta doing rain dances is why we can’t have nice things.

  17. Marketing Mike

    OMG! The dreaded “pecker” cloud, run for your lives….

  18. El Guso

    You wish that cloud was heading to Uranus

  19. The name? Cumulus. Dick Cumulus. I’m a professional cloudwatcher and this is my story.

  20. Sing it with me people!

    “Mr. Mo-jo ri-sing!”

  21. “I see an upside down lower case r. How about you Joe Jonas, what do you see up in the…hey, hey HEY PUT THAT BACK!”

  22. Flatliner

    As if airplanes aren’t getting fucked enough as it is.

  23. Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    His boner tells me so

  24. Michael

    Clooooooood… turn into a penis-shaped clooooooood!

  25. Checkmate atheists!

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Is that Cruise’s batsignal to Travolta that the coast is clear to come on over, or is it Travolta’s to Cruise?

  27. Kim Kardashian

    Too bad it’s white……

  28. Sinjin

    It’s like the batman signal, calling out to Travolta, Cruise and Smith.
    The gathering of the dicks.

  29. Legend has it that you’ll find Joe Jonas under this cloud.

  30. Sort of answers the question what does gawd do when he’s bored?

  31. spikedtounge

    I’m staying inside because I definitely don’t wanna get caught in that downpour!

  32. At this years SD Comic-Con, Fox execs speaking at the upcoming Fantastic Four movie panel cheerfully announced that this time around Galactus will be a little less purple but much more Galacdick.

  33. PassingTrue

    The Lorena Bobbitt cloud cut it off from the rest of the storm.

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