1. Polk

    Show this pic to your 20 year old friend who wants to get a tat.

  2. “This is the arm I put drugs in.”

  3. JimBB

    You’d think after all these years he would never miss.

  4. Dick Nose

    The heroin makes me pointy shoes itch!

  5. cc

    ”ey man, you tip us next time, or we’ll do worse to your fukkin’ arm, maricone’

  6. No Mickey. Would you do HERMIONE.

  7. kiolb

    i thought he was a baggy blue pants w/white stitching guy.

  8. Heywood Jablomie

    He’s moved beyond a five head to at least a six and a half.

  9. Wow he’s really shrinking fast as a senior citizen. That’s pretty fucking weird. He has little stick legs now. That’s pretty sad.

  10. Showing off your new ink, Mick? Get the fuck out of West Holly and head to San Diego. That’s where all the pussy is…

  11. Bucket list:
    See Carla Gugino naked
    Steal Joe Jonas’ clothes
    Steal Kim Kardashian’s shoes
    Get an owl tattoo

    Goin’ strong Rourke!

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