1. Pete

    For god sakes, stop dressing like Malibu Barbie.

  2. She always gives that faces to the paps. Act like you’re trying to avoid them sometimes.

  3. And she doesn’t have a BF with a body like that = Really Fucked Up Crazy Bitch that would knive you during sex.

  4. cc

    Say one thing for her…she generally looks as though she knows how to dress, unlike most celebrities.

    And her ass perkiness factor is probably very high.

  5. anonymous

    The guy in the back looks like he wants to go for it. Luckily his buddy is there to warn him off.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    Somewhere there’s the back end of a giraffe listening for its song on the radio.

  7. Wearing the waist of her skirt that high is creating a weird VeryLowVagina optical illusion.

  8. Ralph

    she looks Bat-Shit-Crazy.

    • dennis

      That’s a misnomer. In fact, bat shit looks fucking crazy and tells them they are acting like Taylor Swift.

  9. maoix

    She looks incredible.

  10. Senor Trout

    Nice body, but her eyes give off that whole ‘I’d let you eat me out, and you can jerk off, but I am not touching that disgusting thing’ vibe.

  11. This would be this week’s “Taylor Swift in New York” picture.
    She live in New York, you see.

  12. …but then, you guys thought paris hilton was hot too, so…

  13. If you look like that and can’t keep a man, something is wrong with you.

  14. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    (Completely un-useable comment alert and it’s too over the top I apologize in advance but posted anyway because it seems to sum up the situation)

    Kidnap, rape, ransom – the ONLY way you can hit that and NOT have to listen her bitch you out on the radio for the next year.

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