1. Queen thinks “Fucking Charles. Wear green,” he said, “Everyone else will be in red or blue”

  2. JimBB

    Is that bitch down in front trying to OUT HAT ME?? ‘Cause I will fuck that bitch UP!

  3. She’s moving to the side to allow the MI-6 sniper take out the bitch in front of her…

  4. Is the woman in front a clone with the saturation set to 80%?


  6. “Off with her hat!”

  7. Joan Rangers

    Bitch Stole My Look!

  8. Heywood Jablomie

    Why be the Queen if you can’t get front row seats?

  9. renotastic

    In England, ladies have 3 hat sizes: Large, Extra-Large and Why’d You Have To Sit In Front Of Me.

  10. Pilin

    Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere…..

  11. What this photo needs is more Frank Drebbin.

  12. The BBC is bringing back to Tell the Truth?

  13. “Am I gonna have to cut a bitch?”

  14. absolutely amazing woman…almost 90! was hoping for another parachute jump.

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