1. brick

    Whoa! He’s pucking huge! ; )

  2. Dude really just has his fat guy uniform. Probably smells like wet cheese.

  3. JimBB

    Apparently the one place Silent Bob can’t keep his mouth shut is at the Golden Corral dessert bar.

  4. I’m a big Kev fan, but dude, drop some tonnage cause I’d rather not wake up one morning and see a headline of you dying of a heart attack.

  5. The really sad part about this picture is that they make hockey jersey’s even bigger than Kevin Smith.

  6. Brooks

    Does this guy own more than one shirt?

  7. I’ll take the multi-colored SUV in the middle, please.

  8. Impressed by finding shoes to match the denim beach towel kilt

  9. Fuck Man , change those denim whatever the fuck those are. It doesn’t have a zip?

  10. MZ MIZRY

    looks like hes on his way to his appearance on Yo MTV Raps.
    which was back in liek 1987.

  11. buzz

    So what the hell is he doing there beside commenting on other people’s hard work and handing out spoilers to the internet.

  12. “Dogma” was still great though.

  13. You know how you’ve always wondered “Why not just stick a big fat guy in a hockey goal?”

    You’re about to find out.

  14. Ronaldo

    Hockey Jersey in the summer?? really? We all know you are fat. Stop it already. You look like a tool with that on when is 90 degrees outside.

  15. Discount Dracula

    He’s so big Comic Con came to him.

  16. Chaz

    I have no idea how his tiny ankles support him…seriously.

  17. Surprised he doesn’t wear shoes with Velcro straps.

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