1. Jimmy

    Let’s hope they scissored like a room full of kindergartners.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Cara is planning on removing Selena’s skin and wearing it and pretending to be her?

  3. JimBB

    Looks like two goofy 12-years-old playing pretend sexy dress-up.

  4. I can’t be the only one that thought they’re both sitting on a giant finger.

  5. This picture really reminds me of the “Naked Lunch” scene where Kiki( Selena Gomez) is playing with a Parrot before being butt fucked by the Alien creature(Cara Delevingne).

  6. Beer Maid

    Another phoney lesbo trying to get free PR.

  7. anonymous

    Cara’s got that look of pride like she’s only a few drinks away from introducing Selena to carpet munching.

  8. “See Justin? I can be wild too! I’m willing to try new things! Do you love me now?” Just sad…

  9. Bob

    Move your hand, Selena. You’re ruining my upskirt!

  10. yourmom

    I’m really hating you for ditching the zoom feature on the pics right now.

  11. Ronaldo

    Yes, Selena…hold my COCKatoo.

  12. The look on Cara’s face is one of a woman that knows she’s going to be face down in some snatch in an hour.

  13. I wonder if I’d be better off fucking them simultaneously or in succession.

  14. dennis

    Looks like someone forget she sitting next to Justin Bieber and automatically starting giving Cara a handjob with a dick that isn’t there.

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