1. Jimmy

    If only that horse knew where her mouth’s been recently.

  2. Slater Trout’s neckbeard is out of control. Looks like they’re back together.

  3. Poor Hillaria got dog blocked.

  4. JimBB

    I hate it when Sarah Jessica Parker does that whole fake Hollywood “I’m so happy to see you” thing.

  5. B Money

    Alec just punched that dog in the face.

  6. cc

    ‘Hey baby, taste my balls’

  7. buzz

    Someone tell that dog you don’t kiss ‘em after they swallow.

  8. George P Burdell

    Not the same down dog her “mother” practices.

  9. Ian B

    “Now we both know how you taste! Mmmmm”

  10. I am not going to make the “found a new bitch to lick” joke. I’m just not. It’s bad and I’m a good person.

  11. What is that God-awful looking furry thing? And why is it kissing that poor dog?

  12. The dog heard Alec call her a filthy little pig so many times he assumed she’d taste like bacon.

  13. Flatliner

    I could see Ireland having a trail of peanut butter heading downward.

  14. Now the dog knows what her girlfriend tastes like.

  15. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Desperate Attention Seeking Bitch!”

    Courtesy of Toss Up Titling

  16. I think she’s going to teach that hound to do that to her pussy.

  17. The dog is praying for her not to have any peanut butter around…

  18. Poison Ivy League

    I bet that dog is feigning lesbianism to get InstaGram likes

  19. Harsky & Starch

    Still better than kissing Lindsey Lohan…wait, Lindsey is that you?

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