1. rough's choice

    If this trick does not get J-love back I don’t know what will….

  2. Steelerchick

    What a truck head!!

  3. Dude stole Tyra’s hat.

  4. c-h

    he’d better watch out for the guy with the megatron pasties!

  5. TomFrank

    “Have a free Transformers truck hat… Free Transformers truck hat… Yes, I used to be Jamie Kennedy… Free Transformers truck hat?”

  6. ass bag squared

  7. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    The silhouettes on his shirt cast a greater shadow upon the entertainment world than he ever shall.

  8. PoorMaryKelly

    Frontal lobe damage explains a lot.

  9. Kayne East

    My hair is a semi truck. Your argument is invalid.

  10. MrsWrong

    Ice-Ho Fucker

  11. MrsWrong

    Last thing I saw him in:Enemy of the State 1998
    Last thing I THOUGHT I Saw Him In: Without a Paddle 2004
    Either way, dude is MONEY

  12. tlmck

    Just realized no one finds him funny.

  13. Stewie Griffin

    You just know that he had to stand on line to get in like everyone else!

  14. GuyLeDouche

    The first time failed when he got a Krispy Kreme truck and JLH was suddenly his girlfriend again.

  15. Jamie Kennedy learned to always read the label closely after he accidentally bought “Rig Gain” instead of Rogaine.

  16. ugasean

    After the separation, Jamie got the truck, but Jennifer kept the mud flaps.

  17. DavidJ

    Ah, the poor man’s Seth Green.

  18. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    The funniest thing he’s ever done is wear that hat in public.


    After JLH guess you can’t go any further down the gutter.

  20. ………..trucker hat?……….

  21. vitobonespur

    “Ah shit. I can’t remember. Did that guy say “don’t eat the yellow sugar cubes or DO eat the yellow sugar cubes…???”

  22. justuhbill

    Jamie, that’s NOT what Ashton Kutcher meant when he said that trucker hats were cool back in 2003.

  23. Squishy

    Ummmmm WTF? Cars 2 premier?

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