1. Cock Dr

    Needs more blush.

  2. She looks like Jojo ate a mushroom and got taller.

  3. Is this a thing?

    Chicks insisting on being photographed from behind, and twisting their head around Exorcist style?

    • The whole looking-over-the-shoulder-like-they’re-surprised-to-see-a-photog-there-but-it’s-okay-because-they’re-totally-down-with-having-their-butt-do-all-the-talking thing.

  4. Animal

    She appears flawless to me.

  5. Tyler Perry

    Stupid name, stupid hot!

  6. lily

    shes so pretty! Sexy and Cute…hard to be both but shes got it. the abundant unnecessary make up ruins it though

  7. justin

    I’d Pia that Toscano

  8. Beaver Underground

    I looked at her and for a minute I felt alive!

  9. tlmck

    Tried to use American Idol as a career launching pad, but found out it was just a used SCUD missile.

  10. El Jefe

    I love.

  11. Mike

    Minka Kelly and Katy Mixon’s DNA mixed with Taylor Lautner’s DNA.

  12. That’s a view I can get used to.

  13. I left The Superficial to take care of a couple of tasks, then came back and reviewed this page. It dawned on me: This woman really IS beautiful! Am I fuckin’ brilliant, or what?

  14. flimflam

    nice cacachopper!

  15. JR

    I’d penetrate her.

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