1. Ok I know models often go for ugly guys but you’re gonna tell me Heidi looked at that face and said “Oh yeah, I want that the rest of my life”???

  2. Josh

    Before I read who this was I thought Birdman (the rapper) had made off with someone’s kid.

  3. “An action scene from Candyman IV is shot on the streets of New York City”

  4. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    “Touch my cameras and I’ll beat your ass like I did your mother! Now get ready to fly you little shit!”

  5. Johnny P!

    Jesus Christ.

  6. Perplexity

    With parenting skills such as these, at least he still has his good looks.

  7. Little Tongue

    Picking up the kids? Abducting them seems more likely.

  8. That’s the one who was touching all of Seal’s shit.

  9. …and every kid within line of sight now believes 100% in the boogeyman.

  10. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    KONY 2012!

  11. Beaver Underground

    Alien ass probe or picked up by Seal. Hmm, I’m thinking…

  12. Bubble

    After his son made fun of his sandals by accusing Seal of stealing them from Klum’s closet, Seal became furious and threw his son through the front window of a store.

  13. Seen here demonstrating how to get a kiss from a rose on the grave…on asphalt.

  14. Bigalkie

    In my country.. This is how we remove da evil spirits.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    I don’t think Heidi knows about Seal picking up the kids based on everyone’s reaction, but no one tells Seal what he can and cannot do!

  16. Henry

    Scared dude in the back clutching the door is hilarious.

    But yea, he should stop.

    • Trek Girl

      There were more photos on another site that showed more of what he was doing. He was picking them up and playing with them while putting them in the vehicle. It was really cute.

  17. Jack

    “This is how we pick up the kids in Africa! But usually they’re dead….”

  18. ROOAAAAAR! Fire BAD!

  19. ChickenHawk

    Someone needs to call in an Amber Alert!!

  20. Oh, so it’s fine when he does it, but when I pick a kid up nut-first I have to move and introduce myself to all of my neighbours.

  21. “Someone open the lid on the BBQ…this kid’s gettin’ pretty heavy…”

  22. “get in the car, you little mud crab!”

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