1. Mickey Rourke definitely smells like a hobo’s asshole.

  2. I know that face, Joe. The chick you just picked up in the club doesn’t look as good when you get her into regular lighting.

  3. when sitting next to mr. rourke, its customary to finger ones testicles…

  4. Gin&Tonic

    I know I’m going to deeply regret asking this, but why does that guy have his hand on his junk when he knows he’s being photographed? photographed next to clayface’s body double?
    y’know what? nevermind. there are just some questions humanity is not meant to know the truth to

  5. anyone else have to match up jacket colors to figure out whose hand was in whose crotch?

    In the old day, you could just ASSUME a man would only touch his own junk, but these days…homos everywhere! Now they want to get married and steal jobs from decent abortion clinics!

    I don’t even know what I’m angry about.

  6. “Wait…you’re not Liev Schreiber? Shit, man, I thought you were someone who could jump-start my movie career. Again.”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I coulda bin a gender bender…”

  8. “I’m coverin’ my balls cause I don’t want Mickey touching ‘em, lickin ‘em, or smashin ‘em with his fists. At least not in public. Right Mickey, sir?”

  9. Bigalkie


  10. Henry

    Man, this must be a car full of some really beautiful people.

  11. Raoul

    “Holy shit. He actually tore me a new asshole.”

  12. SSHGuru

    Mickey Rourke looks so freaky he should star in a new horror series. No makeup required.

  13. Mickey Rourke looks like a goddamn Batman villain without even trying…

  14. This is what happens when you shove your face in a bees nest.

  15. Hugh Gentry

    It’s great that Joe finds time to hang out with burn victims.

  16. Joe Blow

    Wow…that car has some serious power… look how the acceleration G forces are distorting his face!

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