1. Wow Ernest Borgnine didn’t waste any time in being reincarnated!

  2. Freebie48

    Extremely plain without make up and fancy dresses.

    • Jen

      Everyone is.

      • MeMe

        not true. i live in the San Fernando section of Los Angeles and saw Jessica Alba at Whole Foods (about three years ago). Not a drop of make up (i made sure to get close enough to tell), hair in a pony tail, yoga pants and tshirt…she was stunning. some women just have naturally pretty faces. her skin was a little broken out, and she was STILL gorgeous. Don’t be jealous.

      • c-ko

        This woman is also a lot older than Alba, you can’t compare young to old. Your face gets harder to maintain at 35 than at 20- something.

      • MeMe

        While that may be true, the point of my post was that this Jen person is WRONG. Not “everyone” is plain without make up. I have an aunt who is older than Burke and looks AMAZING sans make up. She just has great aging genes and naturally has a gorgeous face. She was a model in her 20′s. My whole point was that there are in fact some women who look stunning minus make up and not “everyone” is plain without it. Even women not in their 20′s.

  3. Johnny P!

    Weren’t train conductor hats and bangles popular in the 70′s?
    Is she wearing fucking rainbow toe-socks too?

  4. Life as a gandy dancer will really age you. That and having four kids.

  5. Frank Burns

    Gosh Brooke, Yoko Ono seems like an odd target for cosplay.

  6. Boo

    Wow no makeup me do not want to look at.

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    She looks like Charlize Theron from that serial killer movie “Monster”

  8. tlmck

    Looks more like a mom with 4 kids.

  9. One of the nice things about being an old fart is I’ve developed the ability — or maybe I had nothing to do with it — to see potential beauty without makeup and fancy duds. And I think she looks pretty cute. But then, I’m pretty fucked up in the head.

  10. Hugh Gentry

    I thought this was Susan Sarandon.

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