1. Doesn’t look gay.

  2. Perplexity

    He looks like an Earvin. Nothing magic about this.

  3. vgrly

    Is he the longest living HIV recipient out there? Is his HIV in remission or something?

  4. Dude makes HIV look like a healthy lifestyle choice. He’s 52 years old and had AIDS for 20 years…wtf? why does he look better than I do? I mean, other than all the alcohol and fast food…

  5. He’s looking to see if the Grim Reaper is sneaking up on him.

  6. Jack


  7. “McD’s is gonna have to wait a minute, baby- I hear unprotected sex.”

  8. I loved this guy’s 7-Up “Un-cola” TV spots.

  9. ChickenHawk

    Those are the scrawniest-looking legs I’ve ever seen on a guy that big…. I guess HIV works it way up from the bottom.

  10. Weren’t we supposed to feel sorry for him that he caught HIV?

  11. celebutard

    Dude looks this good with HIV for the past 20 years?! Damn celebrities get away with EVERYTHING!

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