1. Perplexity

    Seen after waking up on the park bench

  2. Johnny P!

    He just looks like he stinks all the time…

  3. Why does a quote from “Archer” fit so perfectly?

    “Ants are going to be the least of your worry, Smackhound… running around barefoot like that.

    “Hello? Hookworms? Get in my feet!”

    Or *whatever*… some kind of worms… will go in your feet… (drinks) “

  4. Katy P.

    I want Russell to have free front row passes for every screening of The Dark Knight Rises until the risk of copycats subsides.

  5. Bubble

    Heroin chic…

  6. Pokie Patrol

    Oooh… side-eye from the back guy.

  7. Beaver Underground

    Ugh! – direct quote from Miley Cyrus.

  8. Extra non fuctioning belt? Check.
    Shoes? Check…wait what?

  9. Nope, still a cock…

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    Aw… Did “Hipster Jesus” ruin his girl jeans?

  11. Henry

    Your move, Jesus.

  12. broduhjenner

    Even Casper Van Dien’s all like WTF?

  13. The suave fashion sense and inherent sophistication of this shining example of British elegance is totally beyond belief. I would bet that when asked his name he says, “Brand. Russell Brand.”

  14. Hipster Jesus walks on pavement. People are stunned.

  15. “Ok Britney I walked through a public toilet barefoot. What’s next? … I’m sorry could you repeat that. It sounded like you said, ‘Get a golf club and shave your head.’”

  16. Four Drinks Later

    The arrival of Christ in Hollywood went unnoticed thanks to his Sodomite wardrobe assistants.

  17. rat_mort

    how desperate is he for attention? must you walk around with no shoes for people to notice you? dude, come up with funnier humor, maybe then ppl will give a s***!

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