1. kimmy, you out there? lulz.

  2. MRF

    Get … off … my … STAGE!

  3. alex

    I wonder if anyone asked the panel about the over racism of Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender’s Game. He’s a sick and twisted fuck.

    But I did love Ender’s Game.

  4. Leia “You pooped your pants.”
    Han “I know.”

  5. Mos

    I think I prefer my movie stars to die young so they don’t ruin my childhood memories by getting old.

  6. In his later years, screen legend Harrison Ford became so confused and senile that often times he would in fact forget which way to face the audience.

  7. Veronika Larsson

    Make fun of Harrison all you want. I once ran into him in Santa Monica and he was a lovely man, very patient and kind with his fans, although I feel he’s a bit shy.

    The man’s a legend, people. Is he has-been? I don’t think so, but if he is, that’s better than a never-was (looks at other snarky commenters).

  8. The man has brought in billions of dollars – I think he’s entitled to show off his ass crunches.


  9. “Wow, this looks like a shitty movie. I hope no one I know is in it.”

  10. Cock Dr

    I will admit the possibility that this is Harrison Ford.

  11. “SEE? I can STILL do my own stunts!”

  12. blerg

    Is this his Clint Eastwood impression?

  13. Schadenfreude

    Posing for his next movie – Indiana Jones and Alzheimer’s Clinic.

  14. Schadenfreude

    Posing for his next movie – Indiana Jones and The Alzheimer’s Clinic.

  15. Someone please tell Mr. Ford that he is not standing in front of a urinal before things get messy.

  16. From the side Mr. Ford took the film poster to be his longtime girlfriend, Calista Flockhart. When it refused to hug him back he grew very angry.

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