1. catapostrophe


  2. bambam

    What a hell is wrong with him?

    Hermaionie, I think I swallowed my wand. H E L P

  3. broduhjenner

    he looks like voldemort

  4. Emma Watson's vagina

    so now he is appearing on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

  5. Think he saw Rihanna.

  6. ruckus

    I think he learned the spell to make meth.

  7. “Precioussssssss…. we wantsssssss it…!”

  8. I think someone has a drug problem.

  9. “There, there. It happens all the time, Mr. Pott…I mean Radcliffe. Everybody’s wand malfunctions once in a while.”

  10. Wow. I thought his other photos this week made him look chubby. This one makes him look like he’s wasting away from cancer. This is the Boy Who Lived?

  11. Harry Potter and the Days after Chemo

  12. Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!

    Or just wait for it to die on its own. Can’t be more than 20 minutes from the looks of things.

  13. “Must pretend man’s hand on the back of my neck isn’t giving me a boner! MUST pretend man’s hand on the back of my neck isn’t giving me a boner! MUST pretend…”

  14. Or, as he’s known in hip-hop circles, “Lil’ Nosferatu”

  15. Jenn

    I bet he glows in black light.

  16. BoothTempleton

    Harry’s been hitting the crystalmeth-iarmus spell hard!

  17. Schadenfreude

    He just found out how babies are made.

  18. Someone prankster broke into the Museum of Natural History and put clothes on the missing link.

  19. “Excuuuuuse me precious… does you likes me new hat and shoulder bag? HA-GHOLLUM GOLLUM!!”

  20. Max Schreck at the ball park.

  21. Kerot

    Consequences of being a Mets fan. Or a meth fan.

  22. looka lanka

    There’s no way this guy hasn’t done copious amounts of cocaine at some point in his life.

  23. He’s too skinny and hyperactive, I think that’s the reason for the very strange look. And a super non-photogenic moment.

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