1. Ken

    Ryan: “…and I had this switch next to the bed that turned on an ‘EXIT’ sign over the door. I’d roll off and reach over and flick it on. Most of them were bright enough to catch on but…”

    The Dude: *Ah, memories*

  2. Ryan is very animatedly telling Jeff about his ideas for another movie project. Jeff is trying to remember where he knows this kid from.

  3. Veronika Larsson

    Bridges: Well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

  4. The Pope

    Jeff just didn’t get the hang of clapping as quickly as Ryan did.

  5. “Then at the wrap party at Jeff’s house, I got so wasted I ended up peeing on the rug.”

  6. tlmck

    This interview performance should get Bridges another Emmy.

  7. Schadenfreude

    Fuck you, Green Lantern! I almost killed Iron Man.

  8. “This movie is about two hours long. Jeff and I got paid ridiculous amounts of money to act in it and even we can’t explain the plot.

  9. “Why is my pool cleaner talking to Robin Roberts? That’s weird. Oh well, fuck it. Good for him, man. Wonder if he has any weed? I’ll ask him when he’s done talking. Hope so. Did I just ask him out loud? Fuck, I can tell by Robin’s face that I did. That’s not chill. Wait, Robin Roberts is black? How did I forget that? And why is she talking to the guy that cleans my pool? Far out, man. I hope he has some weed when we’re through. I’ll ask him when he’s done talking.”

  10. I’ll always love you, Starman.

  11. anonymous

    Ryan: “Look I’ve heard the stories. I’m not gay.”
    Jeff: Not sure if serious.

  12. “Must restrain urge to kill this douche”

  13. “must restrain urge to put fist in this douchebags mouth “

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