1. His neck doily does not cover his moobs.

  2. broduhjenner

    he looks like a fat chris angel

  3. The love-child of Nathan Explosion and William Forsythe.

  4. Chris Angel Food Cake

  5. To be fair, once you get beaten up by your babysitter it’s tough to show your face in the gym.

  6. Why do talented rich people have such shitty children.

  7. caley

    It’s like if you took Dave Navarro, stretched him and took away the talent. Yes, let that sink in. Took away Dave Navarro’s talent.

  8. Somebody’s bout to get judy-chopped.

  9. Is this the same kid? The one with the karate? I remember him being more… unchubby?

  10. The medication controls the mood swings, but it has… physical side effects.

  11. “Hey Nick…Tell that fat bearded emo Rob Kardashian his sisters are whores!”

  12. Jenn

    When they do father/son Elvis impersonations (and you know they do)we know which one is fat Elvis.

  13. Kitty

    nice to see Dave Navarro putting on a few lbs….

  14. Was Nicolas Cage to ashamed to get out of the car and be seen with him? I totally understand.

  15. Remember when the clothing industry tried to convince us black was slimming? Nice try, fashion.

  16. Looka Lanka

    Woah i didn’t know Billy Ray Cyrus went gothic.

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