1. broduhjenner

    awww, that’s nice. he’ consoling Jennifer Anniston after everything Angelina put her through.

  2. He’s still looking forward to meeting his granddaughter, Shakira.

  3. All be damned, so Ruth Gordon had a daughter.

  4. awkward turtle

    The Society of People With No Upper Lips

  5. “You’re homely, I’m homely… we can work through this, together.”

  6. Awkward celebrity photo-ops aside, those are the hands of death.

  7. And as the final breath she would ever take was slowly crushed from her lungs she regretted asking Jon Voight if he could get her Brad Pitt’s autograph.

  8. “Look, mister. My name is not Angelina, now please let me go.”

  9. Holt shit, he sucked about 10 years of life out of Jennifer Aniston.

  10. “…i’m crushing your head!”

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