1. Monty Burns’ hairpiece looks good.

  2. If I had a grandpa he’d look just like George H.W. Bush.

  3. broduhjenner

    “good morning Vietnam!”

  4. Hi I’m Bob “what the hell am I doing here, I thought I was dead” Hope. That Ann-Margret, boy. Lemme tell ya..grrrr.

  5. squirrel

    What the hell happened to Robin Williams?

  6. Like his son, he destroyed the American economy, engendered a deep recession, got us into a bullshit war with Iraq and greatly increased the deficit. But he did all that in only 4 years, so I call him an overachiever.

  7. This is what it looks like when you are allowed to shit your pants in public.

  8. tlmck

    Who dug up Bob Hope?

  9. “My shoes hurt!”

  10. Thought it was Robin Williams Disguised as George Sr.

  11. Jenn

    I may throw up on you.

  12. You sure that’s not supposed to be ’5000th Pint of Bud Light Award’?

  13. John Cocktosen

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Robin Williams. Just sayin’

  14. Samjo

    heh-heh, heh, “titticaca! mmm…lake titticaca, I need tp for my bunghole…BUNGhole…heh-heh…mmm…heh.

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