1. Eh, she’s looked worse. I think that’s as close to a compliment I’m going to get.

  2. God! It’s like she’s wearing a mask; the eyes follow me everywhere.

  3. JC

    The shape of her mouth never changes. Did she get it painted on?

  4. Mos

    If I didn’t know that I hated her, I might be mildly attracted to her for a night.

  5. Say what you will about Snooki, but she actually seems to be the only one who figured out that the money is going to run out so the best thing you can do is invest in yourself for things that are permanent and long term.

    Dear Lord, we now live in a world where Snooki is the smart one.

    • Lipo and Bugs Bunny dentures are good long term investments? Little wonder I lost my ass in ’08. I invested in stupid shit like blue chip tech stocks and real estate.

  6. Cock Dr

    I love that one great big white tooth.
    Why pay for a bunch Chiclet tooth implants when a huge one will fill that gap in nicely.

  7. She looks great these days. Fuck the stupid tattoos.

  8. tlmck

    She was hotter when she was a fat, sloppy, drunk.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      The problem was the bitch never shut her mouth before. Now, the teeth make it impossible to do.

  9. Jenn

    She’s orange again, her oompahloompahdoompadeedootosis came back.

  10. Those teeth, uggh, gotta go.

  11. “Ffferiously fou fuys, Fi’m fotally finto fitness fow. Fi fexerfise fike foo fours fer fay fevery fingle fay.”

  12. …stop …just stop.

  13. richie

    Off-putting and unnatural. Kind of like a bizarro Giuliana Rancic.
    Perhaps an old gypsy put a curse on her. Whatever you do, if she offers you pie, DON’T F’ING EAT IT!!!!

  14. anonymous

    The TEEF are terrifying!

  15. Samjo

    Gary Busey would be proud.

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