1. catapostrophe

    I thought I felt tremors the other night

  2. That’s how she gave birth to Blue Ivy.
    “Queen Bey doesn’t lie down to give birth. Queen Bey is a trend setter, a role model and an African queen! *Flying jumping jack* Spring forth from my bleached vagina! AYAYAYAYA!”
    Sponsored by Pepsi.

  3. Good…now show me “paint the fence”.

  4. Veronika Larsson

    Beyonce: Gimme a B!

    Crowd: B!!!!

    Beyonce: What’s that stand for?

    Crowd: Do you really want us to answer that honestly?

  5. “Everyone with marginal talent and an inflated opinion of themselves jump right now!”

  6. This is proof enough for me that we are living in the matrix.

  7. “Pottering” is so last month

  8. Hey look. It’s the wicked witch of the west.

  9. TheGhost

    Honestly, she has a good vertical leap, I bet she can dunk

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