1. Seen here volunteering for the tertiary screening.

  2. Getting used to being around people with actual emotions after being with Kristen can be tough.

  3. Veronika Larsson

    “Hello, Mr. Pattinson. As part of your pre-flight boarding process, I’m required to show you these *other photographs* of Kristen with the directors of her other movies…”

  4. awkward turtle

    “Really? Your survey says nobody remembers who I am? Already? . . . Fuck.”

  5. “No, I really am British. Look at these eyebrows!”

  6. “No, seriously I’m not actually a vampire, look, Wrinkles.”

  7. “You don’t find me attractive? Really? I mean… I’ve never… I’m just… wow…”

  8. Stiffler can’t believe it.

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