1. Slater Trout has never looked better.

    Nevertheless, Instagram must die.

  2. broduhjenner

    woahhhh. she’s got Katherine heigl stomach going on here.

  3. anonym

    Who’s the hot bitch next to her?

  4. You can tell Ireland is still new to the game as she broke the first rule of Instagram Club – NEVER have someone hotter than you pose next to you in a pic.

  5. Enough already. Time to get a job.

  6. After yesterday’s pic, I got a serious thing for Ireland now. The brunette’s pretty hot too.

  7. “Slater, move in closer. Closer. CLOSER. Dammit, Slater, move in so your head casts a shadow over her boobs! Finally! Okay, now take the picture.”

  8. Robb7

    That “hot brunette” is her new step mama — 6 months preggo!

  9. Real women have love.

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