1. TheoriginalLJ

    She can start showing up naked in another 11 days.

  2. there’s a herpes infection just waiting to happen. Oops. it just did.

  3. In Soviet Russia slut sings at YOU!

  4. Gerbil in my Butt

    Can they keep her??? Please???

  5. Again with this bore?

    Her publicist must be shoveling nice sums of money into Fish’s coffers to keep this going.

  6. MrsWrong

    Avril Lavigne 2011

  7. Blech

    WHAT is going on with her left buttcheek? I don’t understand…

  8. The Brown Streak

    I have the strangest urge to watch Bones.

  9. maeby

    tiny butt flap

  10. maeby

    Bones is fucking awesome dammit

  11. Jill_Ess

    who books these shows? How do people in Russia know who she is? I still don’t know who she is, aside from a Superficial regular.

    • D-chi

      She was, I was horrified to learn, the one who played Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch. That’s right. That cute, precocious little girl…. grows up to be Taylor Momsen.

      Now, when I first saw the pic, I was scrolling down like oh, good for her, she looks nice- WHY ARE THERE NO PANTS.

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