1. Emma Watson's Vagina

    wow she is telling people how much of her fame is left.

  2. EricLr

    …The same way I got every other role…with this hand.

  3. superficial

    she just keeps getting uglier…

  4. JungleRed

    The One Ring is within my grasp. I shall rule you all!

  5. cc

    When that ‘O’ turns into the Eye of Sauron, you should see those kiddies run.

  6. I was going to ask how she managed to age 10 years in the last six months…but then I saw the Disney logo. Disney does that to you.

  7. Disney’s doing Oz’s now? Maybe I can get just a nickle bag or something.

  8. MarkM

    And then I grabbed Ashton’s mighty weiner with this very hand…

  9. I honestly thought she had at LEAST another 5 years before she hit the wall… It’s “the Kutcher effect”.

  10. Slap Monkey

    Is she still in character or the actual witch? Let’s pour water on her. Either she melts or wet t-shirt… win-win!

  11. She just looks so pissed these days. Fuck you, Ashton.

  12. Smapdi

    I hereby nominate Nina Dobrev to take Mila’s place as the official hot brunette.

  13. El Jefe


  14. lori

    Now you see what happens when you’re overhyped and then people find out you’re actually a “D” actress.

  15. Logic

    How do people not realize that the reason for this photo’s unattractiveness is a combination of the bottom-up angle, lighting, and completely warranted pissed-off look she’s been wearing lately (who wouldn’t be constantly pissed off if they were dating Ashton Kutcher)…. Mila’s still great.

  16. contusion

    “I am the great and powerful OZ!”

  17. Theodora

    How so very witty of you.

  18. Dar

    She’s looking rough and fat lately.

  19. Fngergod

    “And that’s how I ripped of WALL-E’s head and set it down on this table here.”

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